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24 April 2013



Activu highlights new TMC visualization and collaboration system

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 3
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Jose Calhherios
Activu's Jose Calhherios displays the new system
Activu is showcasing its new visualisation and collaboration system for traffic management centers that enables real-time coordination with other agencies such as fire, police, EMS and HAZMAT.

Rather than relying on traditional audio visual connectivity technology that is dependent on hardwiring equipment together, the Activu system is IP-based and platform agnostic, enabling the system to aggregate and share any traffic management information throughout the network and in the field.

“Our system virtualises traffic management information and invites other agencies to participate and coordinate during live events,” says Dennis Nuutinen, a regional sales manager with the company.

Launched six months ago, the new Activu system includes whiteboard capabilities, allowing anyone—from traffic management engineers to emergency response personnel in the field—to introduce new content that can shared between agencies.

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