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16 April 2013



Case Systems call boxes and parking system

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Case highlights roadside call box technology
Case Systems Inc, which develops and maintains innovative reliable wireless technologies for the transportation and parking industries, will use the ITS America Annual Meeting to highlight its roadside call box technology and parking systems.

The company will feature its solar-powered roadside call box which is built to last, enduring the elements for over 20 years and paving the way for green ITS technologies worldwide. Case Systems says that transportation agencies, public works departments, and 511 programs use its call box systems enhanced with Bluetooth technology to offer additional information services to the driving public.

Using the same design concept and low-cost, reliable technology, Case Parking delivers real-time occupancy for managing parking facilities utilizing a web-based dashboard with the ability to provide parkers with parking space availability via smartphones, message signs, and web applications. The company’s turnkey parking solution, which counts cars in and out of parking lots with more than 99% accuracy, uses a new data management, or “Counts in the Cloud” approach, to automate real-time parking information or special event planning. Case Systems says that ROI studies show that its parking solution will drive positive cash flow in the first month of operation.

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