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23 April 2013



Econolite celebrates 80 years in business at ITS America 2013

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 2
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Econolite 80 years
80 years young never looked so good. Econolites executives celebrate at their booth
Econolite celebrated a major milestone here at the ITS America Annual Meeting – the company’s 80th birthday. It was in 1933 that Econolite began distribution of traffic signal controllers at a time when a gallon of gas cost just 10 cents and the interstate highway system hadn’t even been conceived.

'Econolite is unique in the ITS Industry as a company who has been in business and privately held for 80 years. Our success ties directly to our company’s Core Purpose – ‘Providing innovative products, services, and solutions that positively affect the lives of others’. Our purpose, values and Brand promise that is delivered by our employees every day has been the driving force behind our longevity in the industry and I believe will be the key to our future success' says CEO Mike Doyle.

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