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22 April 2013



Econolite launches next generation Advanced Transportation Controller

First publishedITS America
Daily News
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Gary Duncan of Cobalt
Gary Duncan with Cobalt: "A game changer in the world of traffic controllers"

A major new product at this year’s ITS America Annual meeting is Cobalt, Econolite’s next generation Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC). Chief technology officer Gary Duncan says the new product represents a paradigm shift in ATCs.

“It’s the most exciting product I’ve worked on in my 40 years of designing traffic control systems,” says Duncan. “As the first controller to feature a new platform that combines an advanced engine board design with a ground-breaking touch screen user interface designed for the mobile computing environment, Cobalt is a game changer in the world of traffic controllers. Its colour graphics-based user interface makes operations and access to essential functions the most intuitive and easiest to use, helping cities and transportation agencies better manage resources,” Duncan states.

Since it is built to industry ATC hardware standards, and incorporates Econolite’s robust ASC/3 software, Cobalt’s instinctive user interface makes start up and access to functions almost instantaneous. Mobile device connectivity includes Ethernet and USB ports with support for an external Wi-Fi device. Cobalt also includes a SD port to provide almost unlimited file storage capability.

“Cobalt provides an ideal design combination of styling, function and familiarity that was achieved through direct input from the industry and our customers,” says Duncan.

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