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24 April 2013



Intelligent motorcycle warns rider of hazards

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 3
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Cecilia Elpi and a Honda Goldwing motorcycle
Cecilia Elpi of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute with the Honda Goldwing motorcycle
An instrumented motorcycle is on display at ITS America as part of a joint project with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the US Motorcycle Foundation. The Honda Goldwing motorcycle has been fitted with smart display which warns the rider of vehicles ahead braking sharply, vehicles in the blind spot, approaching intersections and other hazards.

“We are looking at what messages are most useful to the rider and how best to convey those messages when the rider may be wearing gloves, a helmet and thick waterproof clothing,” says Virginia Tech researcher Spencer Joslin.

The project is part of the evaluation of the connected vehicle infrastructure and while only one bike has the connectivity equipment, 100 other bikes have been instrumented to gatherer data on how riders ride. This number will shortly double.
Results from the evaluation should be available in two years.

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