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24 April 2013



IRD weigh-in-motion solution predicts structural wear on Hong Kong bridge

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 3
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Rod Klashinsky
Rod Klashinsky of IRD with the weigh-in-motion solution
International Road Dynamics (IRD) is highlighting a deployment of its weigh-in-motion solution on the Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, showing how the system is able to calculate vehicle weights to predict potential stresses in the roadway.

Administrators can use the information to proactively repair minor damage before it turns into major renovations, reducing costs while extending the life of the structure.

According to Terry Bergan, president and CEO of IRD, the company is discussing a major weigh-in-motion project to monitor structural wear and tear on a number of bridges in Chile.

The company is also highlighting new wireless functionality throughout its line of data collection solutions—functionality that dramatically improves point-to-point connectivity of its systems. The new capabilities help improve the accuracy in its data collection solutions—an important factor in toll, weigh-in-motion, imaging, security, fleet telematics and traffic safety applications.

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