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28 March 2013



Iteris to highlight a range of congestion mitigation solutions

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Iteris Vantage SmartSpan
One of Iteris' newest innovations – the Vantage SmartSpan
Iteris will use its presence at the 23rd ITS America Annual Meeting to highlight how the company is doing its part to mitigate congestion through planning, engineering, and implementing technology based solutions. The company says its focus is to measure (collect travel behaviour and pattern data); manage (analyse and monitor travel conditions); inform (provide real-time information to traffic managers and motorists); and guide (deliver actionable and predictive information). It states that, when combined, these actions escalate the throughput of the system, increasing efficiency, improving safety, reducing congestion, and enhancing traveller mobility and convenience.

Iteris will highlight three areas of its solutions during the Annual Meeting. In the roadway sensors area, the company will feature two of its newest innovations – Vantage SmartCycle and Vantage SmartSpan. Under transportation systems, which plan and deploy solutions to manage transportation networks, Iteris will have an active demonstration featuring 16 of its 511 traveller information systems.

Meanwhile, the company will draw attention to iPerform which was established two years ago to develop software based traffic and weather information solutions to primarily serve public agencies. Iteris will highlight how it is now leveraging its significant expertise and experience in traffic management with world class human capital, and IP through the acquisition of Meridian Environmental Technology (MET), and Berkeley Transportation Systems (BTS), to expand its offerings to commercial markets. An interactive map will showcase iPeMS and weather information deployed systems.

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