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22 April 2013



ITS America Leadership circle meets at annual meeting

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Day 1
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Sabrina Sussman ITS America VP
Sabrina Sussman ITS America VP
Sabrina Sussman, ITS America’s new VP for Membership and Development, has been hired to lead the strategic planning efforts and enactment of the ITS America Leadership Circle, as well as well as manage member recruitment, retention and services.
Q At the beginning of this year, ITS America launched the Leadership Circle. What is it and can you explain the background to its formation?

A Formally launched this past January and reaching its predetermined membership cap of 30 within the first month, the ITS America Leadership Circle creates a place where public and private sector leaders within the intelligent transportation industry can come together to develop a roadmap for the future of ITS. Together, they will strategise about ITS America’s future, and how the ITS industry should approach advising the broader transportation community on the intersection between policy and technological solutions that can help solve the nation’s transportation challenges.

Q The list of founding members features many key public and private sector players in the U.S. transportation industry. Was this division intentional?

A One of the many things the Leadership Circle showcases is the diversity of the transportation stakeholder community. The reality is, transportation and technology both have a daily and direct impact on the American public and that is illustrated in the diverse makeup of our founding members. From state Departments of Transportation, to large and small private corporations to research institutions, the 30 founding members of the Leadership Circle represent the vast interest in the future of technology and transportation. With 16 public sector organisations and 14 private sector companies, the calibre of our founding membership truly reflects the immense interest in the work ITS America is doing to lead the policy discussion and advance widespread ITS deployment. Many of the Leadership Circle founding members are also on the ITS America Board of Directors, and have been long term advocates and members of ITS America. This new initiative provides another platform for them to engage, influence and serve the ITS community in a meaningful and measurable way.

Q So what exactly will the Leadership Circle do?

A Right now, our nation is grappling with how to best integrate smart technology solutions into the transportation system to combat congestion, measure performance, enhance economic competitiveness, and fund our growing needs. The ITS community must play a critical role in solving these challenges and others, and the Leadership Circle is charged with determining which priorities ITS America should tackle. The goal is to help integrate 21st Century technology solutions into a transportation system that meets the growing needs of a 21st Century travelling American public.  

Q  What opportunities do you see in the creation of the Leadership Circle and your new role at ITS America?

A It is a very exciting time to join ITS America and help launch the Leadership Circle. The biggest challenge we face as an industry moving forward is how we will continue to move people and goods safely and efficiently, with a population expected to add 150 million people by 2050. Technology is one of the key components to solving this challenge.

Having spent several years at US DOT in the Office of the Secretary, I know the value of bringing together diverse stakeholders to challenge the status quo and work to bring about positive change. ITS America has always been at the forefront of advocating for the integration of high-tech solutions, and I am confident that the Leadership Circle will continue this tradition.

What can we expect to see from the Leadership Circle?

A This Annual Meeting marks the first official gathering for the Leadership Circle. Providing a forum for public and private sector leaders to really dig deeply into policy areas where ITS America and our members can have a significant value is an essential component of this first meeting. This will allow the Leadership Circle to map out specific opportunities where technology and policy development can be better paired to improve our nation’s transportation system.

For more information on the Leadership Circle, contact Sabrina Sussman at ssussman@itsa.org.