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22 April 2013



New full colour dynamic message sign from Daktronics

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 1
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Jason Morrison of Daktronics
Jason Morrison Daktronics ITS market manager
Daktronics is here at the ITS America's Annual Meeting with an offer to help agencies ‘Sharpen the Image’ of their dynamic messages signs with the introduction of its new 20mm full-colour Vanguard product line.

The latest Vanguard 20mm full-colour products are available in the VF-2020 walk-in and the VF-2420 front access DMS. Alternately, the expanded product offering includes new VX-2420 and VX-2428 models, which provide dynamic content control for individual lane management with the added benefit of housing critical electronic components in an easily accessible roadside equipment cabinet. All Daktronics DMS continue to meet industry ITS standards, including NTCIP 1203 v03, NEMA TS-4, AASHTO, UL, ANSI/AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code, FCC and NEC.

“We recognise agencies’ needs to provide a safe, effective means of communication with the travelling public. Studies have shown that utilising symbols and graphics significantly improves message clarity while reducing comprehension time,” says Jason Morrison, ITS market manager at Daktronics.

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