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22 April 2013



Peek Traffic introduces latest ATC controller

First publishedITS America
Daily News
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Don Maas of Peek Traffic
Peek Traffic's Don Maas with an ATC-2000
Peek Traffic Corporation will use the ITS America Annual Meeting to announce the next addition to the successful family of Peek ATC controllers and the releaser of IQ Central v1.17.

Joining the ATC-CBD and ATC-1000 controllers is the upcoming ATC-2000 which will make its debut at the show. Designed to use the same robust Greenwave local intersection control software used in the ATC-1000 NEMA controller, the company says the ATC-2000 will bring that level of advanced functionality to the Caltrans 332/336 cabinet. The design combines the advanced capabilities of the ITE/AASHTO/NEMA ATC standard and incorporates the familiar 2070 2A I/O and modem modules from the 2070 controller standard to provide a modern and powerful choice for customers using Caltrans cabinets.

“The ATC2000 is about to open a door into the 332 cabinet world that will allow Peek an opportunity to offer a modern, powerful alternative to the 2070 controller," says Peek’s Don Maas.

Peek has also released IQ Central v1.17 that adds new traffic analysis tools to the IQ Central suite of features. The Split Monitor records and analyses the phase utilisation to help optimise split programming. The new Greenband Analysis generates an interactive time-space analysis diagram and allows interactive graphical optimization of offset programming. Support has been added for SQL Server database connections, and a new IQ Network Configuration Tool has been incorporated.

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