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16 April 2013



Schneider Electric to focus on arterial management systems

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Schneider Electric will use the ITS America Annual Meeting to highlight its Integrated Transportation Management which it says is a unique solution that improves mobility through efficient operation of the transportation network and city resources. This provides the comprehensive structure necessary to foster information-sharing and coordination across multiple government agencies. The solution is part of Schneider Electric’s complete suite of SmartCity and SmartMobility solutions that promote more efficient operations and uses of urban resources.

The company will also highlight the need to integrate arterial data for improvement across all transportation operations. As Schneider Electric points out, with the Integrated Transportation Management and Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O) initiatives currently driving the transportation industry in the United States, there is an apparent need to integrate arterial data now. These initiatives aim for a more integrated program in order to optimise existing infrastructure performance, as well as improved security, safety and reliability of transportation systems.

Transportation Systems Management and Operations would aim to coordinate multiple transportation systems run by various agencies and operators in order to provide a unified service across all travel modes in the country.

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