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23 April 2013



Siemens demonstrates new connected vehicle technology including iPhone app for traffic signal priority

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 2
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Frank LoPresti of Siemens
Frank LoPresti of Siemens demonstrates the company technology
Can an iPhone change a traffic signal? All you need is the new Siemens app. New connected vehicle technology from Siemens Mobility and Logistics allows traffic signals to be controlled by vehicle arrival and priority rather than timing plans. Signal changes can even be triggered by an iPhone app combined with GPS, as Siemens demonstrates at ITS America.

The obvious application of the signal change would be emergency vehicles, but Stephen Matthews of Siemens says regular citizens may even be able to use the iPhone app to trigger signal changes as they approach lights. This could save fuel and reduce pollution via smoother traffic flow.

Regardless of the iPhone app, however, Siemens connected vehicle technology can still be used to change traffic signals for emergency vehicles, public transit and other priority vehicles. Siemens new technology is differentiated from traditional signal priority methods because it sends feedback to the driver to confirm the signal priority request was received. It also utilises common 5.9 GHz dedicated short range communication; and it has the potential to predict the next light that the vehicle will need to change.

In addition, a  virtual GPS-based bus rapid transit signal priority (TSP) solution is on display at the Siemens booth. Siemens has partnered with Trapeze Group on the system for San Antonio's new VIA Primo bus fleet.

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