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16 April 2013



‘Tame Your Traffic’ says Wavetronix

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Wavetronix SmartSensor HD
Wavetronix is using its 10th appearance at the ITS America Annual Meeting to bring attention to its application-based detection systems and will invite visitors to “tame” their traffic with Wavetronix. For the first time, the company is shifting its focus from individual products to comprehensive applications that use the accuracy of digital wave radar to give departments of transportation more control over their traffic.

“The accuracy and reliability of our products have been proven at locations around the world,” says Jeremy Wright, marketing manager for North America at Wavetronix, adding that the company will show how the superior data provided by its products can benefit traffic professionals in a variety of ITS and traffic projects.

Invoking iconic images of the Old West, the Wavetronix exhibit will illustrate the control agencies can have over traffic. The exhibit will also present a number of different applications that can be implemented using Wavetronix products, from trip times and variable speed limits to high-occupancy toll lanes and work zone management.

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