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24 April 2013



Third generation signs spell a bright future for Swarco

First publishedITS America
Daily News
Day 3
Swarco Traffic Americas has introduced its third generation of optic LED dynamic message signs (DMS) to the North American market.

The third generation signs deliver contrast ratios more than double the NEMA TS4 requirement and are said to use a fraction of the power consumed by its competitors’ signs. The new signs do not require a front screen and use one multi-color LED per pixel rather than the clusters of LEDs per pixel found in most of the amber signs current in use on the highways. The result is higher visibility, improved reliability, reduced power consumption and lower cost compared with the previous generation.  

Founded in Austria in 1969, Swarco’s DMSs have been deployed in the cold of the Arctic Circle, the heat of Saudi Arabia and the humidity of Brazil.

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