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23 April 2013



Vaisala to offer end to end weather solutions

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Daily News
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Jon Tarleton of Vaisala
Jon Tarleton: "Vaisala does it well when it comes to weather sensing"
An important strategic task every company must do periodically is review products and make sure they match the goals and direction of the company. In March, Vaisala, the global weather solutions provider, concluded that three non-weather road transportation products no longer match its long term strategy, and thus sold these products to another company.

Vaisala says the change will allow it to focus on its other innovations, such as the non-intrusive road weather sensors, and the Condition Patrol, which was instrumental in the Vaisala Across America mobile weather technology tour that concluded at last year’s ITS America Annual Meeting in National Harbor, MD.

“Vaisala is a weather company,” states Jon Tarleton meteorologist and marketing manager for Vaisala’s Road Business. “From the weather balloons used by meteorologists, to the lightning strike data you see on TV, to precise airport observations, and finally to the sensors that measure road temperature and condition, Vaisala does it all when it comes to weather sensing.”

Tarleton says the company is also planning to use its technical and meteorological experts to become even more of a weather partner for those needing to solve road weather challenges, such as departments of transportation, municipalities, or system integrators. As Tarleton points out, at this year’s ITS America Annual Meeting, Vaisala will be highlighting that it offers complete end to end solutions, or a portion of the technology in an open architecture environment to ensure a system works seamlessly.

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