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  • Jason Morrison of Daktronics Daktronics discusses the new generation of dynamic message signsThere are huge benefits from roadway signage becoming dynamic, as Jason Morrison, ITS Market Manager at Daktronics explains.
  • ITS America 30 dot Heads of state DOT's Gather at ITSA annual meetingA round table meeting hosted at ITS America's Annual meeting and expo highlights the growing importance of Intelligent Transport Systems. In a meeting sponsored by IBM, the Departments of Transport...
  • Bill Sowel of Iteris Iteris adds to video detection product suiteIteris has used this ITS America Annual Meeting to stage the world launch of Vantage Next, a product addition to its Vantage video detection product suite. The company says the new product represents...
  • ITS America Leadership circle supporters First meeting of the ITS America Leadership Circle held at ITS America 2013The ITS America Leadership Circle held their inaugural meeting Sunday morning, bringing together leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss how the broader community can work more closely...
  • Clyde Neel of Trafficware Trafficware new wireless detection systemVisitors to the ITS America Annual Meeting have the opportunity to see a new wireless roadway detection system from Trafficware. Operating under a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) patent...
  • Don Maas of Peek Traffic Peek Traffic Introduces Latest ATC controllerPeek Traffic Corporation will use the ITS America Annual Meeting to announce the next addition to the range of Peek ATC controllers and the release of IQ Central v1.17.
  • Dany Longval of Lumenera Lumenera in the picture at ITSCamera supplier Lumenera is exhibiting its camera systems at ITS America first time under its own name. Previously the company's cameras have been exhibited alongside the traffic surveillance and...
  • Trisha Reddan and Tarah Stowe McCain unveils new Traffic Management SystemMcCain has unveiled its new and improved Transparity TMS (Traffic Management System) which has been completely redesigned on a modern platform to provide dependable monitoring and command of...
  • ITS TRAINING SESSIONS avatar Dallas ICM will smarten up US-75Nine stakeholder agencies, multiple modes of travel (including bus and rail), reliable and accurate travel time information, parking information, and active traffic diversion for incidents; these...
  • Michelle E Clark of Schneider Electric SmartCity US example from Schneider ElectricIn less than 40 years, 70 per cent of the world's populations will live and breathe in our cities, pushing the world's cities to their breaking point due to the rapid growth. The question is, can...
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