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03 June 2016



Look to the future of transportation with Xerox at ITSA 2016

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Xerox Transportation

Transportation of the future could include driverless cars, high-speed rail, or even flying cars. But as Xerox points out, what is clear is that today’s mobility is akin to the Wild West – everyone is staking their claims around the globe, and the government is trying to figure out its role.

Xerox believes that the network that’s built should be developed with four guiding principles in mind. Firstly, be open. Think about how the data exchange will benefit both public and private sectors. With an open data platform, app developers and startups can create the next best way to get around.

Secondly, be driven by demand. Demand is always higher than supply no matter what mode of transportation we’re talking about.

Another key guiding principle is to be flexible. As Xerox points out, though we don’t know what mobility will look like in the future, we do know that the network needs to be flexible to respond to all innovations.

Finally, be regulated. Even though regulations can be overdone, our Wild West mobility today doesn’t mesh with our society or the need for a coordinated platform.

With the above in mind, the Xerox booth at ITS America 2016 San Jose will focus on re-envisioning mobility: it’s not entirely about transit or cars – it’s about building a platform that public and private providers can develop and flourish upon. As Xerox says, the cities that build those networks will have a distinct competitive advantage, and those that don’t, will be stuck in gridlock.

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