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15 June 2016



The cloud's the future for Amazon Web Services

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Day 3
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Frank DiGiammarino
Frank DiGiammarino currently serves on the leadership team of the Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services as the Director of US State and Local Government.

New business models are changing the ITS landscape as will be explained by Frank DiGiammarino of Amazon Web Services in his keynote presentation at 2:00pm

Q: What will your keynote cover and why are these areas important?

A: The keynote will cover how cloud technology is enabling innovation across the transportation sector. Smart transportation solutions like smart parking, connected intersections, smart routing, fleet monitoring and connected vehicles are made possible through cloud technology. This is important across both the private and public sector, because infrastructure is critical to economic growth. Traditional infrastructure was the catalyst for growth in the 20th century, and similarly the digital age, including cloud technology, will be that catalyst for the 21st century surge.

Q: Why do you think being at ITS America as a keynote is important?

A: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dedicated to our customers across all industries and our presence at events like ITS America is helping to educate and enable these organisations to innovate.

Q: How does AWS see the cloud infrastructure melding with the smart cities concepts?

A: Data is what truly makes a city “smart.” Cloud technology enables cities to collect, store, and analyse data of all kinds. The insights that can be derived through this analysis are limitless. Helping cities identify gaps, issues, and trends that will help them deploy their resources more effectively and focus on their mission.

Q: As a DOT Smart City Challenge contributor, why did AWS want to participate?

A: Cities are serving as hubs of innovation all across the globe and we are committed to supporting these customers on a number of fronts. By joining the DOT Smart City Challenge, we felt like we could uniquely contribute to their success by enabling their initiatives with a strong technology backbone that will be required to continue their pace of innovation.

Q: AWS can store a petabyte of info for almost anything...are you going to be the new business model for smart transportation?

A: Cloud technology is the new normal for smart transportation in the future. We are excited to see how our customers continue to innovate on the cloud, and use it as a driving force of their missions.

Frank DiGiammarino currently serves on the leadership team of the Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services as the Director of US State and Local Government. Previously at AWS, he was the Director of Innovation and Global Expansion where he led the development of a global strategy for bringing cloud to governments around the world while managing and growing high-performing sales teams.

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