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15 June 2016



Wanco delivers portable RVMS solution for remote locations

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Wanco has launched a new Remote Video Monitoring System (RVMS) that allows transportation agencies to install three devices on a single gantry, streamlining the deployment of multiple ITS applications that monitor work zones, traffic flow and road conditions in real time.

As streaming technology has improved, DoTs and contractors are able to deploy higher resolution surveillance cameras across roadways and transit systems for various ITS applications. However, fixed systems are expensive and inflexible while Wanco's mobile systems provide flexibility and cost savings.

The RVMS units include a dynamic message sign, a camera that allows for full pan, tilt and zoom during the day and night and a sidefired radar traffic sensor. DoTs can access data in real time, remotely change messaging, view MPEG video stream, and monitor system health. The RVMS connects to traffic management centers via a highspeed 4G/3G cellular router.

The portability of Wanco's RVMS allows traffic engineers to temporarily deploy ITS equipment such as a variable message sign, video surveillance or road sensor while permanent equipment is taken offline for maintenance or replacement.

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