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07 June 2018



Kimley-Horn embraces crowd-sourced travel information at ITS America

First publishedITS America
Day 3
Kimley-Horn is displaying a new travel time data collection platform at ITS America in Detroit, showing how crowd-sourced information can fill the gaps on roadway corridors that have little or no communications infrastructure to support remote monitoring. The cloud-based software, called Traction, provides data and analytics for user-defined routes, crowd-sourced travel times and high-level system indicators. The User Trip Module records vehicle travel times in second-by-second intervals - collecting speed, location and heading information. The Crowd Data Module then analyses this travel information in heat graphs and travel time by time of day graphs - especially useful when evaluating signal timing changes. The ATSPM Dashboard module integrates with USDoT ATSPM software to provide corridor-level data on key performance measurements - including vehicle throughput, arrivals on green, queue spillback, split failures, travel time index and planning index.

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