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22 October 2012

AISIN demonstrates array of automatic detection for road safety

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 1
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Setsuko Tsuge
AISIN's Setsuko Tsuge displays the sensor technology
Vehicle technology manufacturer Aisin is exhibiting a complete array of sensor technology for road safety, including a system that detects if a driver has stopped breathing or suffered a heart attack. Highly sensitive sensors in the driver’s seat pick up on loss of cardiac, pulmonary or body movement, which could then activate vehicle braking while alerting emergency services.

“There have been very serious road accidents caused by drivers having heart attacks or suffering other illnesses and losing control of the wheel. We must have countermeasures, which is why these types of systems are being developed,” said AISIN project manager Keiji Kuzuya.

Falling asleep at the wheel is another frequent cause of dire consequences, as are collisions with pedestrians. AISIN’s technology on display in Vienna includes systems designed to alert drivers to both their own fatigue and the presence of obstacles when reversing or parking via an array of cameras around the vehicle. If a driver’s eyes close for longer than a few seconds or turn or fall away from the road for a prolonged period, AISIN’s sensors activate a series of audible alerts, or vibration of the driver’s seat.

“This type of technology is already available on the market and fitted to some vehicles, but detection systems are likely to become more assertive in their approach to alerting drivers,” said Kuzuya. “Communication of driver difficulties or emergencies via smartphones can be done. It requires international standardisation but this is on the way.”

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