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23 October 2012

TomTom demonstrates HD Flow technology to improve traffic flow

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 1
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Isabelle Geerts
TomTom's Isabelle Geerts shows the real time traffic information service
TomTom is using the ITS World Congress to focus on how its real time and historical traffic information services and solutions that can help governments and authorities to cost-efficiently find bottlenecks in road networks and also potentially solve them.

For instance, TomTom’s HD Flow product delivers speed information for all roads so that traffic flow on the entire road network can be visualised and evaluated. This means that traffic management centres can react more quickly to congestion and improve the quality and timeliness of traffic information for road users. Importantly, the company will be using real life case studies from existing customers to underline the benefits as well as showcasing important new product features and enhancements, such as HD Traffic 6.0.

TomTom is also presenting detailed analysis on just how accurate floating car data is when compared to traditional sensor systems. Even more important than the higher quality of data, is how cost effective and flexible floating car data is because it covers the entire road system, rather than just segments where sensor technology has been installed.

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