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25 October 2012

Vendeka seeks expansion after European passive RFID-based tolling project

Publishedin ITS World Congress 2012
Daily News
Day 3
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Turkish company Vendeka is looking to expand its operations internationally after completing what it describes as the first passive RFID-based tolling project in Europe.

The company installed the system on the Bosphorus Bridge, which links Europe and Asia. Previously, tolling was achieved by a card-based system, but traffic jams were caused by drivers stopping to place their cards in the readers.

This has been replaced by Vendeka’s passive RFID system. A major advantage, says Vendeka, is that a passive RFID tag costs just $1 compared to $20 for an active tag.

Since the Bosphorus Bridge system began operating earlier this year, Vendeka has equipped some 2000km of road and 387 lanes in 94 toll plazas with its system. Each lane has a lane controller, loop detectors, RF reader, camera, traffic lights and information panel. Data is transmitted by fibre-optic cable and satellite to seven regional computer centres.

Vendeka says that the passive system has a 99.7% reliability rate.

“Our idea now is to expand and export our experience,” said general manager Baki Kuran. “There is no similar system in Europe and in this economic crisis the cost saving could really be useful.”

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