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09 September 2014



Flir Systems showcases range of thermal imaging cameras

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Day 2
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Dan Dietrich of Flir
Dan Dietrich of Flir with the thermal imaging cameras

Here at this year’s ITS World Congress, Flir Systems is showcasing its range of thermal imaging cameras for traffic monitoring and surveillance on highways. Needing no light at all to produce an image, the company’s FC-Series, PT-Series and D-Series can be used for a wide variety of traffic applications.

As Flir points out, all of its cameras can also work perfectly together with video analytics. As such, they can be used for Automatic Incident Detection (AID) on highways, on bridges and in tunnels. One example of such an installation is the Greek Rion-Antirion Bridge, where 30 Flir traffic cameras with AID analytics make sure that vehicles can cross the Gulf of Corinth in a safe and efficient way.

The company has also integrated thermal imaging technology in its sensor range for urban traffic detection. Last year, Flir launched the TrafiSense sensor, an integrated thermal camera and detector for vehicle and bike presence detection and counting at signalised intersections.

TrafiSense detects vehicles and bicycles at, and nearby, the stop bar and uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and cyclists to make a distinction between both. The intelligent sensor can provide the traffic light controller with specific information on vehicle and bike presence, which allows traffic managers to make more intelligent decisions and adapt green times according to the specific road user type-bike or other vehicle.

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