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26 August 2014



Swarco to present extensive traffic management and ITS capabilities

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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ITS World Congress 2014 Swarco extensive traffic management

Visitors to the Swarco booth at the ITS World Congress Detroit will be introduced to the group’s extensive traffic management and ITS capabilities by means of a touchscreen application and the integrating Omnia platform.

Parking guidance signage, parking sensors and single-space monitoring LEDs, as well as an eco-designed LED traffic light and a push-button with acoustic feature, will be on display.

As a leading producer of highly energy-efficient variable message signs, Swarco will present as a highlight an LED-based dynamic message sign (DMS) which very recently successfully passed the tough tests to key USA and Canadian safety standards of UL and NEMA bodies. This is the basis for Swarco to sell its proven DMS technology into the North American ITS markets.

In cooperation with Here, a leader in real-time map content provision, Swarco will premiere the next generation intelligent traffic management and dynamic traffic forecasting in the connected mobility space. With this technology, both companies answer the demands of connected vehicles and autonomous driving deployment and the need for a convergence of traffic management and control systems and traffic information services.

At the outdoor demonstration area on Belle Isle, traffic services company Here and Swarco complement each other for best traffic monitoring, combining global probe vehicle information (Here) and local knowledge (city/region level) of traffic behaviour (Swarco).

The most accurate transport and traffic dynamic forecast is achieved by empowering accurate traffic modelling which takes into account the traffic control action and strategies with detailed vehicle-based mobility monitoring on a global scale. Comprehensive road network supervision and performance monitoring is achieved by fusing data from different sources and enhancing them with crowd sourcing big data provided by probe vehicles.

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