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08 September 2014



Vitronic presents next-generation of Lidar technology

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Daniel Scholz (left) and Stephen Tuttle of Vitronic display the PoliScanDaniel Scholz (left) and Stephen Tuttle of Vitronic display the PoliScan
Daniel Scholz (left) and Stephen Tuttle of Vitronic display the PoliScan

This ITS World Congress sees Vitronic presenting its next-generation of Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) traffic enforcement in North America. The new and enhanced PoliScan system offers not only best-in-class speed and red light enforcement but enables authorities to enforce additional violations such as tailgating, point-to-point speed enforcement, and ANPR applications simultaneously from the one fixed location.

The PoliScan Lidar technology allows all this to be done across multiple lanes through tracking and documenting multiple vehicles at the same time.
The company says the new system recently demonstrated its superior performance in an elaborate street test: it was the only speed camera in the test to document six cars speeding in parallel and will be the backbone of the new automated enforcement system in Abu Dhabi, one of the biggest and most advanced traffic enforcement projects worldwide.

Besides the leading enforcement hardware, Vitronic is also showcasing software solutions for remote control, case processing, and asset management of networked enforcement systems. Visitors can learn first hand about the benefits of having enforcement systems permanently online – ranging from import and processing of cases to optimising traffic flow by feeding the data from speed cameras into traffic management systems.

Another big topic at the Vitronic booth is TollChecker, a flexible free-flow tolling technology that can be applied to highways, rural roads, and urban environments. The innovative system design and smart maintenance concept enhances operational efficiency as well as the accuracy, reliability and security of each tolling application.

Booth: 607

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