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30 October 2017



Cellint shows speed detection system

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 1
Missouri-based Cellint is showing its speed detection system based on tracking cellphone signals.

The company says that its system, which anonymously tracks individual phones within a specific area, allows traffic managers to build up a picture of traffic speeds and congestion points. Cellint says it is the only traffic data provider that can combine real-time and historic traffic speeds to show traffic managers the cause of re-occurring traffic congestion.

For example, it can detect that 20%  of the vehicles in a congested area come from an individual neighbourhood and head for a particular shopping mall.

That information would allow a transit authority, for example, to increase bus frequency in the area at the times when congestion tends to occur, potentially reducing the number of people who use their cars to get between the two points.

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