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31 October 2017



LeddarTech unveils latest solid-state Lidar sensors

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 2
Day2 - LaddarTech Lidar sensor
Leddartech's Sébastien Rivard with the Lidar sensor

Lidar sensors are evolving rapidly through significant R&D efforts and investments driven by market leaders such as LeddarTech. In particular, solid-state Lidars are becoming the technology of choice for large-scale, cost-effective detection and ranging sensor deployments in challenging outdoor environments.

As visitors to the LeddarTech booth will see, driven by proprietary Leddar technology, the new generation Lidars deliver high-performance detection and ranging
of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, from robust and reliable solid-state designs that have no moving parts.

LeddarTech is unveiling the new Leddar M16-LSR sensor, an advanced, wide-beam 2D Lidar sensing solution. Combining 16 independent active detection elements in a compact sensor, the M16-LSR uses a laser source to achieve longer ranges as well as narrower and better-defined vertical FOV. According to LeddarTech, this new solid-state Lidar sensor delivers rapid, reliable, accurate detection and ranging (including lateral discrimination) for demanding ITS applications, from pedestrians in urban settings to speeding cars on highways.

Cost-effective Leddar-based Lidars enable wide-scale sensor deployments along roads and highways, thereby improving transportation efficiency and safety.

ITS applications using Leddar sensors today include e-tolling and speed enforcement (camera trigger for ANPR); vehicle measurement and profiling; automated traffic management systems (virtual stop bar); pedestrian and bicycle crossing automation; real-time traffic monitoring and data collection; monitoring of sensitive and restricted areas; and street parking and parking lot automation.

To learn more about solidstate Lidar technologies, LeddarTech is inviting delegates to pick up a copy of the 'Lidar Magazine ITS edition’ at its booth.

Booth 1720

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