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19 September 2018



Aimsun’s simulation for connected and autonomous vehicles

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Day 2
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Gavin Jackmann of Aimsun
The Aimsun team is in Copenhagen to demonstrate the value of simulation for testing connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

There are two main perspectives on this: car manufacturers want to use simulation as a debugging environment, to run virtual tests with software and hardware in the loop, to see how their products are going to perform in the network; meanwhile, public administrations want to test the impact of that tech and forecast the consequent changes and investments in mobility management.

But are these needs so different and can they in fact be complementary? As Aimsun is highlighting, the company is working on three CAV projects that partner industry, research institutions and local authorities.

All three projects are funded by the UK Government’s innovation agency: the first, Flourish, is a 6.2 million Euro project launched in June 2016, largely focused on CAVs in an urban environment. For this project, Aimsun first developed the V2X communications API and will additionally train AI algorithms looking at optimal network-wide routing.

The second major project, Connected & Autonomous POD on-Road Implementation (CAPRI), aims to design, develop and test a connected and autonomous pod for moving people around airports, hospitals, business parks and shopping centres.

The third CAV project is HumanDrive, which is more focused on  traditional traffic modeling, simulating the effects of autonomous car following (V2V) within mixed traffic (AVs and non-AVs) on the strategic road network.

"The field of CAV development is highly dynamic, with so many unknowns and yet also a paramount concern for safety," says Gavin Jackmann, managing director of Aimsun in the UK.

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