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20 September 2018



Etecnic’s Smart Manager protects power networks

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 3
Controlling the charging of electric vehicles will be vital to protect the power infrastructure, and Spanish company Etecnic believes it has the solution with its Smart Manager and App EV Charge.

Smart Manager’s cloud-based software monitors the power being delivered to between 10 and 30 charging points to ensure limits are not exceeded or cut-outs tripped. Once connected, the charging point monitors the state of charge of the vehicle battery and determines how much power is required to recharge it – all this information is transferred to the cloud. On connecting their vehicle, drivers use an app to tell the system when they need to collect their vehicle, and how charged the battery needs to be to complete the following journey(s).   

According to Etecnic’s CEO Jorge Rios, there is an optimum recharging rate for each make and model of electric vehicle and with input from the car and the driver, Smart Manager can decide which of the vehicles to charge and at what rate in order that the power drawn from the grid remains below the limits. This might mean that only 10 of the 12 vehicles connected are initially charged, leaving those with a higher state of charge (and possibly more time) to be charged later in the day and thereby avoiding exceeding the physical capacity of the network or the contractual limitation.

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