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20 September 2018



Ibeo conquers the urban jungle

First publishedin ITS World Congress
Daily News
Day 3
[ Zoom ]

Watch out for the gorilla and elephant in Urban Jungle as Ibeo Automotive Systems demonstrates an autonomous shuttle negotiating all sorts of objects moving in different directions!

Ibeo, a provider of Lidar (light detection and ranging) products, says participants can ride the shuttle. They experience how the vehicle interacts with its lively environment and brings them safely through the wilderness of elephants, gorillas and other wildlife. Each demo participant can hail the vehicle and experience a true on-demand autonomous shuttle service. Ibeo provides the Lidar sensor system for environmental perception and object tracking as well as the software for autonomous driving.

The eyes of the shuttle are supplied by Ibeo’s Next Lidar sensors and shuttle solutions. Next  has a wide vertical viewing angle as well as a high resolution and range. The modular structure of the sensor system allows a wide range of applications, making it the next major step on the way to fully autonomous driving.

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