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06 August 2018



Road condition monitoring platform and apps

First publishedin ITS World Congress
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Asimob uses AI techniques and IoT devices to monitor the road conditions and detect flaws. It follows a consistent process to collect, send, process and analyse data in a back-end IT system. The company will feature two products: the Mobisoft platform and MobiApp.

MobiApp devices, comprising IoT components, sensors and cameras, are installed into vehicles to capture data such as road bumps, standing water, adherence decrease due to climatic conditions, road marking perception, traffic signals perception, luminosity detection.

MobiSoft is the platform which compiles the data from MobiApp, applying data analytics and showing valuable information to final users. The information can be customised to company SCADAs and can be merged with other sources of information.

The road bump application enables users to observe road bumps and their evolution overtime; the adherence application detects water, ice and snow accumulation, along with multiple other functions; and the video application, with geo-fences, allows users to define areas and time periods for supervision, in order to receive videos from vehicles passing through those zones.

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