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28 October 2014



Gardasoft’s flexible lighting with board-level strobe

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Traffic Vision 2014 Gardasoft board level LEDs
Developed by UK company Gardasoft Vision, the VCT6 series of board-level, high intensity LED strobe illuminators provide ITS OEMs with a powerful and flexible lighting solution, including options for compact IP65 housings suitable for mobile applications.

Using the latest high power LED technology available, the VCT6 system delivers up to 500W pulses to the LED array, providing controlled illumination over a defined target area. They are fully integrated with internal timing, intensity control, trigger input and long distance communication.

VCT6 lights are available in a range of wavelengths and beam angles to match the unique imaging requirements of individual OEM applications, for example IR wavelengths for non-invasive applications, white light; plus other visible wavelengths are available when speci c or additional vehicle/driver details are required. A trigger input can be used to synchronise the lighting pulse with the exposure of a camera. Full intensity and pulse width control are available through the trigger input and remote communications port; the VCT6 can optionally be operated in a free running mode from a programmable timer. RS232 or Ethernet communications are available for con guration and remote diagnostics of the VCT6.
Hall 1, Stand G53
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