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28 October 2014



Imago adds robust systems for traffic applications

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Traffic Vision 2014 Imago Technologies VisionCam and VisionBox
VisionBoxes and VisionCams from German company Imago Technologies provide the resilient hardware required by traffic applications, says the company, together with real-time operating systems for time critical tasks.

The Windows OS based, fan-less and economical VisionBox serves a wide range of GigE, Camera Link and USB 3.0 cameras. The powerful embedded computers have integrated interfaces for camera systems including LED control and power supply and their real-time communication controllers provide exact timing for time critical tasks. With new trigger and Power-over-Ethernet technology, the cabling is reduced to a single CAT cable.

With high dynamic range sensors, VisionCams combine image acquisition from diffi cult lighting situations such as tunnel entrances and exits with powerful real-time processing at lowest power consumption.                 

VisionBoxes and VisionCams ensure security against manipulation as the program is running from a single fi le, while their low power consumption allows usage with battery packs or solar power.
Hall 1, Stand B41
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