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28 October 2014



Qioptiq’s high resolution, low distortion lenses

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Traffic Vision 2014 Qioptiq MeVis lens range
MeVis-C lenses from Qioptiq deliver high resolution, low distortion and excellent colour correction in a robust and field-proven package. Their unique optical design employs a floating element to correct aberrations over a wide range of working distances, ensuring high contrast from close working distances out through infinity.

Qioptiq offers three different MeVis-C lens to meet specific operating requirements: the general purpose MeVis-C mount lens with lockable iris and focus rings in heavy-duty full-metal housings; the rugged MeVis-CF with fixed iris apertures and lockable focus mechanism for use in high-vibration, harsh-environment applications; and the MeVis-CM, a motorised version of the MeVis-C lens design, offering automated Iris and focus for remote use applications.

Available in focal lengths of 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm and supporting sensors up to one inch (12 and 16mm up to 2/3”), all lenses feature a c-mount interface, as well as locking screws for focus and aperture rings.
Hall 1, Stand H66
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