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29 October 2014



Real-time video vehicle tracking from Covisys

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Traffic Vision 2014 Covisys CarID
German company Covisys develops a range of high performance machine vision for many industries, including automotive, using cutting edge HTML5 technologies like WebRTC for video streaming and WebSockets for control of its smart cameras and devices.

Its CarID vehicle licence plate detection and recognition system can be used to identify vehicles accessing public car parks and to control vehicle input and output fl ow in restricted areas.

For vehicle tracking and traffic monitoring, CarTrack counts traffic flow, providing a warning in the event of congestion, accidents or wrong way driving. A combination of CarID and CarTrack is in development for vehicle identification and speed measurement between two points.

Covisys’ CarVision stereo vision system provides real-time video tracking of the road and the environment, including other vehicles, and analyses them to generate warning and control signals that are processed by the vehicle control unit.
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