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28 October 2016



Framos offers expanded Sony high resolution Pregius sensors

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Vision 2016 Preview Framos Sony Pregius sensors

German imaging specialist Framos offers the expanded Sony Pregius 8.9MP and 12.3MP high resolution sensors, the IMX253/255, IMX304/305 and IMX267, characterised by a pixel size of 3.45μm.

The 1.1-inch IMX253 with 12MP achieves 65 frames per second at a pixel depth of 10bit and supports external trigger control, up to 64 independent ROIs (regions of interest). Framos says it is suitable for industrial machine vision applications. The IMX255 8.9MP is a one-inch sensor and is 4K2K capable.

The IMX304 low-speed versions with 12MP with a sensor size of 1.1-inch and 23fps, and the IMX267 with 8.9MP with a1-inch sensor and 32fps are mainly suitable for ITS applications with a large field of vision or for slower MV applications. The IMX305, a one-inch colour sensor with 8.9MP and 64fps, is particularly suitable for 4K2K GS video applications.

According to Framos, all new Sony sensors are very low noise, and offer a high dynamic range and high quantum efficiency of more than 65 per cent.

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