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28 October 2016



Gardasoft offers real time adjustment of light intensity

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Gardasoft’s Triniti plug and play lighting platform
Gardasoft Vision’s Triniti is an intelligent plug and play lighting platform which, providing traffic OEMs and systems integrators with a seamless, easy to use connection between OEM traffic software, cameras, system hardware and lighting. It provides important information and feedback about the operational status of the system as a whole, including the lights themselves, which enables consistency in light intensity to be ensured.

As the intensity of LED output is affected by the age and temperature of the light, changes in ambient light and the location of the lighting system, Gardasoft Triniti can use an adaptive technique based on the image itself to adjust light intensity to compensate for any variations. For example in ANPR, the image processing application can monitor the readability of the licence plate and the brightness of the background and characters and then instruct the lighting controller to adjust the lighting intensity if necessary.

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