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28 October 2016



Tattile launches new smart ANPR cameras

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Vision 2016 Preview Tattile VegaSmartBasic camera

Tattile is launching a new range of innovative smart ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras at Vision 2016, including the Vega Basic and Vega Smart lines, as well as its current range.

The new range currently includes four models: Vega Basic in black/white and colour versions and Vega Smart in dual- and single-head versions. Camera functionality is enhanced by features normally provided by external devices, which reduces both footprint and cost.

Vega Basic cameras include several new features such as the ability to read both reflecting and non-reflecting number plates without illuminators and Power over Ethernet technology which allows single-cable installation. All the normal Tattile features are available, including the processor, ANPR software and an integrated web server.

Vega Smart is fully scalable and features powerful processors and latest generation sensors, while two OCR software packages increase the recognition rate. In addition, the camera can recognise the brand and colour of vehicles, optically classify them and generate high quality video streams. The cameras can handle several transits per second.

According to Massimiliano Cominelli, sales manager, Tattile Traffic Division, the new cameras address both the immediate and future requirements of the ITS market.

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