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25 October 2018



Theia Technologies launches ML610M 6-10mm varifocal lens

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Theia Technologies is showcasing its range of 4K and megapixel NIR corrected lenses for ITS. The telephoto lenses are used for long distance, high detail applications such as ANPR/LPR and tolling. They maintain 4K and 5+ megapixel resolutions even in near IR light and include models with Precise iris, or P-iris for improved depth of field. The lenses are compact for their telephoto focal range, size format and full feature capability, including models with motorised zoom, focus and IR cut filter.

When a wider shot is needed for traffic and intersection monitoring, Theia offers a selection of wide-angle, high resolution lenses. At Vision, Theia will debut the new ML610M 6-10mm varifocal lens with 4K resolution, NIR correction for a 2/3” sensor covering the focal range of 3 prime lenses with up to 87 degrees horizontal field of view.

For even wider fields of view, Theia’s family of wide angle lenses provide up to 135 degrees horizontal field of view, without barrel distortion. Theia employs patented Linear Optical Technology to correct distortion optically without software or the latency it creates. 

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