WEBINAR: On The Road to Resilience - Keep Your City Moving

In these unprecedented times, it is paramount that cities are resilient and can adapt their infrastructure to accommodate changes in traveller behaviour.

Many people are now opting for cars, bicycles, or walking instead of using publicly available options, causing an increase in road usage and impacting vulnerable road users, congestion and air pollution.

It’s vital that we limit touchpoints in our public transportation network and effectively communicate the safety and precautionary measures to ensure we alleviate hesitation in utilizing these systems.

Above all, whether it’s public or private modes of transportation, travellers will continue to demand a seamless journey. Transportation technologies are more vital than ever to improve system performance and safety.

How will your city respond? Take a deep dive into transportation’s role in creating resilient cities in this panel webinar presented by Cubic Transportation Systems.

The moderator is Andy Taylor, director of strategy at Cubic Transportation Systems.

Topics may include:

-      Touchless transit
-      Adaptive signal control
-      The use of data for optimization
-      Traveller behaviour
-      Intersection actuation

Content produced in association with Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic 2020
12th August, 2020
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