Bestpass reveals hidden costs

Toll back-office specialist expands into violation citation payment management
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / April 13, 2022
By Adam Hill
Driving violation citation processing data © Dan Heighton |
Bestpass customers will be able to upload their citations to the Bestpass portal (© Dan Heighton |

Payment and toll specialist Bestpass has launched a service to simplify violation citation payments for fleet customers. 

Bestpass already offers toll violations management, but says that its new service will give customers "a complete view of the hidden costs of operating a fleet".

Citations for wrongdoing (such as speeding or parking illegally) tend to be derived from camera evidence and then sent to offenders.

Bestpass customers will be able to upload their citations to the Bestpass portal, where they will receive a complete view of the vehicle and associated costs.

When the monthly statement is sent out, customers will receive summaries with the cost per vehicle for toll and citations.  

“Service fleets with multiple vehicles on the road know the headache of managing all the bills," says Tom Fogarty, CEO of Bestpass.

"Having one place they can view payments and be sure all the payments are happening on time is important, saving fleets time and helping them understand the costs associated with running a fleet.” 
Bestpass has more than 20,000 customers and processes more than $1.2 billion in toll transactions in the US and Canada.

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