Pagatelia gains EETS certification

Parent company Verra Mobility is aiming to provide a pan-European toll solution 
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / June 29, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Verra Mobility Pagatelia European Electronic Toll Service EU tolling
EETS regulation applies to EU member states with current or future toll infrastructure development plans (© Bestravelvideo .com |

Verra Mobility subsidiary Pagatelia has gained certification as a European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) provider in Spain. 

EETS regulation applies to all European Union member states with current or future toll infrastructure development plans.

It seeks to facilitate daily operations for road users, improve traffic flow and reduce congestion by limiting cash transactions at toll stations and eliminating complex procedures for occasional toll road users. 

Tsjerk-Friso Roelfzema, senior vice president at Verra Mobility Europe, says: "The EETS Directive is a major step by the European Commission to improve a fragmented toll payment infrastructure across the European Union road network."

"It will help to create higher transparency for both toll users and chargers and remove the challenges of cross-border travel in countries with extensive tolling infrastructure like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland and others."

“Our goal is to provide a truly pan-European toll management solution, for each vehicle to be equipped with only one on-board unit associated with one account,” Roelfzema continues. 

“Our services will become increasingly important as road user charging progresses in member states."

With the EETS certification, the company is to continue working with its partners and accelerate the expansion of its toll solutions to provide improved toll services. 

Verra offers toll management services for commercial fleets and consumers across Europe, including managing on-board units, guaranteeing payments and integrating with toll operators. 

It also provides hardware and software solutions to help remove the complexity of European toll payments. 

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