Tattile launches Axle Counter

Tattile has launched an automatic system for determining the number of axles on a vehicle for tolling solutions. Axle Counter records the axles of any vehicle - driving at speeds up to 180km/h - in order to help toll operators allocate the correct charges.
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / October 17, 2019

The company says the gantry-mounted, standalone system ensures that no post-processing of pictures is necessary.

Two cameras per lane are included to ensure left- and right-sight. An infrared illuminator allows night-time operation, with all image analysis - including the use of artificial intelligence to recognise the axle and wheel as well as counting - done on board in real time.

Tattile says: “Until now axle counting still has not found a smart solution, as in existing systems many times human interpretation of a picture taken at a toll station is still needed. Thus the final step was missing to completely automate this process through the use of image analysis.”