NP2 tri-protocol tags facilitate interoperability

TransCore allows for seamless travel across US tolling regions
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / November 11, 2020
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As agencies increasingly seek interoperable solutions and hands-free options for simplified travel across the US, TransCore has announced its release of NP2 tri-protocol tags, which allow for seamless travel across tolling regions.

NP2 tags are tested and approved by the three governing agencies – IAG, OmniAir and FCC – and provide toll operators a near-term, tag-based option for facilitating inter-regional interoperability.

With customisable settings and software, NP2 is designed to help capture revenue across all vehicle classes and uses, and its software is intended to be updated and reconfigured as business needs evolve without costly tag recalls.

Conduent NP2 tagsThis also means agencies can customise features and design configurations and applications to meet unique business needs, while offering a choice in hardware to meet the driving habits of their customers.  

Additionally, NP2 is one of the most accurate, secure tags on the market today, which means operators can offer an immediate choice for tag-based interoperability without sacrificing performance, no matter where in the US their customer is travelling.

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