Star launches Zenith toll transponder 

Product designed for use in electronic toll collection, congestion pricing, parking and access control
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / May 7, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Star Systems International Zenith transponder tolling electronic road pricing
Star says Zenith can be applied to ETC, ERP and congestion pricing (© Sergeevspb |

Star Systems International has launched a windshield and headlamp transponder which it says is designed to meet and exceed interoperability standards in tolling.

According to Star, Zenith can be used in applications such as electronic toll collection (ETC), congestion pricing, electronic road pricing (ERP), electronic vehicle registration and parking and access control.

The company insists the transponder protects stored memory with a robust error-correcting architecture that is immune to single-bit errors, such as bit flips.

It is expected to enhance security through a dynamic verification process that prevents cloning attempts.

According to Star, the transponder features a read sensitivity of -22.5 dBm and an antenna that is optimised to work on either a vehicle’s windshield or headlamp.

Zenith comes with Star's non-removable, non-transferable tamper evident feature or tamper evident break on removal features.

The material construction assures long-term reliability and durability in harsh environments typically seen in Automatic Vehicle Identification applications, the company adds. 

The new product is currently undergoing OmniAir certification.


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