Uproad app 'streamlines' toll payment

Currently available in California and Texas, solution will be rolled out further by end of year
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / November 13, 2020
By Adam Hill
(© Uproad)
Uproad pledges to guarantee tolling agencies get paid (© Uproad)

Toll payment firm Uproad has launched an app which it says will help toll agencies manage their business more efficiently.

The company says its technology "guarantees agency toll payment, reduces operational costs and enhances customer service".

It "decreases costs associated with credit card processing, invoicing and customer support while streamlining the travel experience for drivers", Uproad adds.

Drivers download the app to their phone along with a form of payment to pay their tolls. They can add up to 10 vehicles.

Features for customers include on-the-go account access, notifications on price when they pass tolls and toll activity tracking.

Uproad pledges to ensure payment is made and to handle "any customer service issues right through the app".
Uproad says its solution is attractive for tolling agencies because it is "bonded to cover the costs of user's tolls on all agency roadways - meaning they’ll pay agencies directly and more quickly than customers could".

It can also be easily integrated into established toll systems, Uproad insists.
Uproad is currently available to drivers in California and Texas and is rolling out in more states by the end of 2020.

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