UTA launches telematics solution 

The position of every vehicle can be seen in real-time using GPS tracking
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / December 1, 2021
By Ben Spencer
UTA UTA SmartConnect telematics solution UTA One toll box  tolling fleet management
UTA says vehicle-specific reports show the route travelled and fuel consumption (image credit: UTA)

UTA has expanded its portfolio of digital services with UTA SmartConnect, a telematics solution which it says simplifies fleet management. 

The new capability is integrated into the UTA One toll box, providing users with quick access to both telematics and toll services.

UTA CEO Carsten Bettermann says: " UTA SmartConnect takes fleet management to a new level. Enhanced by the new telematics function, our proven UTA One toll box is now even more powerful. Combining smart telematics and Europe-wide toll services into a single device makes mobility even more convenient and cost effective for our customers." 

The solution is expected to allow transportation companies to remain connected to their fleet at all times, regardless of the location in Europe. 

According to UTA, the position and route of every vehicle can be seen in real-time using GPS tracking, enabling fleet managers to better predict when shipments will reach customers and better track the movement of goods within complex supply chains.

Vehicle-specific reports show the route travelled, fuel consumption and other information. The efficient refuelling of the vehicles can be controlled with automatic notices.

Additionally, UTA SmartConnect shows the nearest service stations where drivers can refuel at UTA conditions. To do this, they must load the UTA acceptance points into the navigation device or the UTA SmartConnect software.

The company insists that planning and administration effort is thereby reduced, saving drivers and fleet managers valuable time.

The telematics system also alerts drivers to potential traffic disruptions so that alternative routes can be considered, with the consignee informed of any deviations. 

UTA SmartConnect is activated via the interoperable toll solution UTA One. Existing customers can initiate the service through the UTA Customer Service Center or via the website. New customers must have a UTA One toll box in order to use the service.

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