EDP invests €500,000 to develop Fuelsave solution

Location Based Systems / September 6, 2019

Energy company EDP has invested €500,000 in Portuguese start-up Fuelsave to help truck drivers save fuel, which it claims takes up 40% of transport companies’ budgets.

Fuelsave is developing a solution that is expected to optimise truck driving and save up to 20% on fuel. It collects and analyses electronic data from each truck to help understand the different driving parameters that impact fuel consumption.

Luís Manuel, administrator of EDP, says: "The transport sector still has too much weight in CO2 emissions, and freight is a big part of this problem. We believe that development of smart driving solutions that significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption is part of the future.”

Looking ahead, EDP intends to help autonomous driving companies develop technologies more safely using the Fuelsave platform.