Humax platform enables contactless car-share

WTC Auto Rent in Saudi Arabia is expecting to reduce costs with Raidea solution
Mobility as a Service / February 17, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Humax says Raidea will enable WTC to increase vehicle utilisation (Credit - Humax Mobility)
Humax says Raidea will enable WTC to increase vehicle utilisation (image credit: Humax Mobility)

Humax is providing a mobility service platform to WTC Auto Rent in Saudi Arabia to enable contactless car rental services. 

Humax says its Raidea platform is suitable for round trip, one way and free-floating infrastructures and is designed for cars, motorcycles, bikes and electric scooters.

Car rental operators around the world are facing reduced utilisation rates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

WTC is seeking to overcome these difficulties by using the Raidea platform to provide contactless services. 

According to Humax, these services will enable the firm to reduce costs through contactless operation and automation of existing face-to-face transactions, while increasing vehicle utilisation. 

Humax says on its website Raidea tracks, analyses and improves the efficiency of service operations with a real-time monitoring system. It also offers business insights that are expected to provide effective utilisation of fleets, optimising vehicle lifecycle and productivity. 

Jeff Kim, executive vice president of worldwide sales at Humax, says: “Following this agreement, we expect our global business expansion to accelerate rapidly with major car sharing operators and car rental companies."

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